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Top 10 Things to do in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Sights, Tours, Attractions, and Information

What to do in Los Angeles?

6 Disneyland

Disneyland Los AngelesExplore the land of Adventure, Fantasy and Tomorrow in Disneyland. This has to be done. Unless you have a serious aversion to large mice this has to be on your list of things to do.

Disneyland is divided into "realms" radiating from a "Central Plaza". Each realm is self-contained making it impossible see or hear any other realm. The idea behind this was to develop theatrical "stages" with seamless passages from one land to the next. The Lands include:

  • Main Street, U.S.A., an early 20th century Midwest town
  • Adventureland, featuring jungle-theme adventures
  • Frontierland, illustrating western frontier
  • Fantasyland, bringing fantasy into a reality
  • Tomorrowland, looking into the future
  • New Orleans Square, based on 19th century New Orleans
  • Critter Country and themed around Splash Mountain's Song of the South elements
  • Mickey's Toontown, themed around the Toontown seen in the movie 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit'
  • Rivers of America

Follow link below for a list of attractions across all Disneylands

Links to more information on Disneyland


7 Manhattan Beach

If you can see it you should. Winter and LA beaches do not have a particularly deep or meaningful relationship. On a good day - Wow! Sight to behold. Pretty? it ain't pretty, it's gorgeous. The pier is lovely, aquarium is a little small but engaging, you can also engage in some ball volleying, take in the sea breeze and stroll away some of day into a coffee shop and shop and eat and talk and be alive in the sun.

The Manhattan Beach challenge, as you might have guessed, is to find parking. You probably won’t be the only one who decided today was the day to hit the beach. A strategic parking strategy is needed – go north, hunt, seek and prosper with a confined empty space. Don’t forget to bring change for the meter.

More about Manhattan Beach


8 The Queen Mary

The Queen Mary Long  Beach Los AngelesThe Big Beautiful Queen Mary

The Queen Mary is an historic Long Beach hotel featuring Art Deco staterooms and legendary attractions. You can tour the Queen Mary and if you fall in love with her, stay the night.

Whilst not as big as the modern giants that glide the oceans the old queens have an elegance and grace that it is hard to match. If you are lover of romance and history or even if romance has become history you’ll still love the old boat.

You can go for a do it yourself guided tour, go on a guided tour or go on a spiritedly ghostly guided tour.

If the ghosts, or your vivid imagination, don’t keep you awake you can sleep and dream of dark handsome mysterious someone at the Hotel Queen Mary. The Deluxe Stateroom and Royalty Suite are pricey at best but they are the best and you are sleeping with Royalty.

The Queen Mary resides at Long Beach.

The Go Los Angeles Card includes Queen Mary

More about the Queen Mary


9 (16) Sunset Boulevard

Sunser Boulevard Los Angeles

Sunset Boulevard is well known for Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, the center of Los Angeles nightlife. You also get to see rich neighborhoods and some impressive real estate.

"Sunset Boulevard, twisting boulevard, Secretive and rich, a little scary Sunset Boulevard, tempting boulevard Waiting there to swallow the unwary" So be careful out there.

More information about Sunset Boulevard


10 (49) Warner Bros (WB)

Warner Bros VIP Tour

The Warner Bros VIP tour has it all and nothing. There is no plan other than an introductory film and a trip to the museum. It all depends upon what is happening on the day.

Warner Bros is one of the few Hollywood movie studios offer tours. Arguably it is best. It is certainly more expensive than most of its rivals so it ought to be. The VIP tag is earned by the more personal approach. Compared to Universal Studios you aren't herded aboard monster trams by the thousands. Each tour group is limited to twelve persons. You are shown around in a small tram resembling a golf cart. You can get out, walk about and ask questions of your guide. The tour begins at a small visitor's center; a movie naturally [only a few minutes] then you are off. First stop is the Warner Bros. Museum. The museum houses a treasure trove of movie memorabilia but you only get about 15 minutes before you set off again. You are now into the main event. Hollywood history wherever you look and a clear sight of any passing star maybe even a wave.

Follow this link for more about Warner Bros (WB)

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