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Top 10 Things to do in Los Angeles

What to do in Los Angeles?

6 Disneyland

Not much you can say about Disneyland other than it's almost the most popular theme park in the world.


List of Disneyland Attractions


7 Manhattan Beach

Manhattan Beach can be a sight to behold. The pier is lovely, aquarium is great, you can also engage in some ball volleying, take in the sea breeze and stroll away some of day into coffee shop and shop and eat and talk and feel alive.

Manhattan Beach Web Site


8 The Queen Mary

Royal California. If you are lover of romance and history or even if romance has become history you will still love the old boat.

Queen Mary Web Site


9 (16) Sunset Boulevard

Sunset Boulevard is approximately 22 miles (35 km) in length includes or passes close to Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Pacific Palisades.

Sunset Boulevard


10 (49) Warner Bros (WB)

You see what's on. You see who you see. You get what you are given. It's great.

Warner Bros (WB)

Top 15 Things to do in Los Angeles