Top 100 Things to do in Los Angeles

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What to do in Los Angeles?

91 (42) Rose Bowl

The Rose Bowl



The Rose Bowl is over eighty years old and has grown to become a much loved National Historic Landmark. Its main claim to fame is the Tournament of Roses Football Game, UCLA Bruin Football. It also does fourth of July celebrations, concerts, religious services and the World's Largest Flea Market. Unfortunately The Rose Bowl doesn't run any stadium tours. So instead, check out the website for future events you maybe interested in and enjoy the stadium and the entertainment.

Rose Bowl


92 (68) The Comedy Store

The original Comedy Store in LA on the Sunset Strip is where Robin Williams, among others, used tell gags for a laugh.

Comedy Store


93 (98) Taschen Bookstore

Taschen Bookstore is a unique and beautiful book store. Carefully designed to ensure the store itself does justice the great words contained within its walls.

Taschen Bookstore


94 (97) Ice Hockey

See the LA Kings play. Is this the year?

Ice Hockey


95 (56) LA Football or Soccer

LA Galaxy used to be the home of David Beckham. A lot of money has been pumped into the sport and crowds are growing.

LA Football (Soccer)


96 (57) BasketBall

The LA Lakers are the local heroes with 14 NBA titles to their name. Part of the LA Laker culture.



97 (58) BaseBall

Los Angeles Dodgers. Apart from seeing a game you can just go on a tour which will get you onto the field.



98 (35) American Girl Place

Most young girls love this place. A store sure, it is just a store but what’s in store at the store is girl time galore. If you like to shop till you drop then this may not be for you. The American Girl Place should be fun not just maxing your charge card. This is family fun. Bond with your daughters and have a blast. What with all the shopping and excitement tummies may need filling. Los Angeles’s American Girl Cafe does brunch, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, and even parties.

There is also a Photo Studio which can put your favorite small person on the cover of a rare single take home souvenir issue of American Girl® magazine.

If that's not enough why not take Dolly along so she can get her hair done at Doll Hair Salon. Especially trained American Girl Place hair stylists can get some body and life back into Dollies tired hair. Doesn't your girl’s best friend deserve a new ’do.

More American Girl Place


99 (100) Camera Obscura

Camera Obscura  Santa Monica Los Angeles

The 100+ year old Camera Obscura is a fascinating technological relic. It is one of a few remaining of its type in the world. Camera Obscura collects light onto a mirror and reflects it down a turret at the top of the building to a large round table in the center of the viewing area. You can rotate the camera to get various different views of the neighborhood outside.

It is interesting what old technology can do and it takes you back to a different time before the world of photography. You may find it quite an engaging contrast to much of what the vast, bustling jumbled city of Los Angeles has to offer.

You'll find the Camera Obscura at the Santa Monica Senior Citizen's Center. Enquire at reception and they will give you the key

Camera Obscura


100 (99) Fly to Sydney

LAX is a great airport. Use it to go somewhere special like, Sydney, Australia.


101 (93) Anyone for Tennis

Tennis in LA


102 (94) Plane Spotting at Imperial Hill

On a top of Imperial Hill near LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) you can watch the planes go up and the planes come down.

Plane Spotting at Imperial Hill


103 (95) Hang Gliding

Hang out over a cliff.

Hang Gliding


104 (99) Bulgari Jewelry Store

Priceless jewels worn by priceless stars at priceless ceremonies. Press your face to the window and gawk. Alternatively, act very rich and they might give you a tour.

Bulgari Jewelry Store


105 (92) Best Burger In LA

The Father's office has great food and 40 beers on tap.

Best Burger In LA


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