Beverly Hills, Westside Sights and Attractions

Beverly Hills Top Sightseeing Attractions

What are the top attractions in Beverly Hills and Westside in Los Angeles?

Beverly Hills, Westside - The Perfect Day on the Westside

A perfect day is to be had by firstly heading to Beverly Hills, then Santa Monica and finally Venice beach. The activity on Venice Beach can die down at sunset, so visit Santa Monica last if you end up spending most of your day in Beverly Hills.

Beverly Hills top attractions and things to do

In addition to shopping and dining, one of Beverly Hills' main attractions is its sprawling estates. Greystone Park & Mansion is the largest of the Beverly Hills mansions and the only one open to the public. Greystone Park and Mansion is listed in the top 25 things to do in Los Angeles.

If you just want a quick glimpse of Beverly Hills go on the Beverly Hills Trolley Tour. This 40-minute narrated tour provides an overview of the different Beverly Hills attractions that help to make Los Angeles such a sightseers paradise.

Beverly Hills Trolley Tour (click on attractions)

Drives around Beverly Hills - Rodeo and Mulholland Drive

Rodeo Drive is listed in Top 15 and is not to be missed. Take a drive to Santa Monica Pier and after dark, head up to Mulholland Drive to check out the lights.

The Museum of Tolerance

Not far from Beverly Hills is the Museum of Tolerance. The Museum of Tolerance has two main themes - racial intolerance in USA and the Holocaust. The museum is interactive and memorable.

The Holocaust

The Museum of Tolerance contains a street scene from Germany. As you walk along you move along in time. Various scenes are played out whilst you track the fate of a real person. Do you end up in the Nazi youth, escape to America or in a death camp(?)

Santa Monica and Beaches

There is a reason most visitors love to stay in the Santa Monica area. It has the beach, the restaurants, the hotels, the shops and even a decent public transportation system.

Santa Monica Pier

Santa Monica Pier is all about fun, sun and more some and is currently listed in the top 15 things to do in Los Angeles.

Santa Monica Place

The recently reopened Santa Monica place has great shopping and numerous restaurants.

Santa Monica Boulevard

Santa Monica Boulevard have been given a reputation synonymous with glitz and glamour but you may beg to differ depending upon which section of it you find yourself in.

Base Camp Santa Monica

All this makes Santa Monica can excellent and popular base from which to plan and action your exploration of Los Angeles.

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Venice Beach

You have to experience craziness of Venice Beach - a sight not to be missed, especially on a weekend. Venice Beach is a must see sight to see and ranks in Los Angeles top 5 things to do.

Beverly Hills Trip by Sunset Strip

As you plan your departure from Westside and Beverly Hills consider a trip down the Sunset Strip - ranked in the top 10 things to do in Los Angeles.