Top Sights of Southern California

Sightseeing in Southern California, North of Los Angeles

What to see In Southern California?

See Southern California

If you are staying in Los Angeles for any reasonable length of time you will be missing out if you don't get out of LA and see the landscapes and experience the true beauty of California.

Southern California - from the Desert to the Sea, Valleys and Mountain Ranges

Southern California has a diverse range of things to do with the desert, mountains, valleys and the sea all within less than 3 hours from Los Angeles. This will take a little planning to see it all but very rewarding with a lot to talk about when you get home.

National Parks

California has seven national parks to explore including the Channel Island National Park, Joshua Tree National Park and Sequoia National Park which is not far from LA.

Southern California in 10 Days

You should allow about 10 days travel, or 400 miles of driving, to see most of the major sights of Southern California.

North from LA

From Los Angeles head north along the Pacific Coast Highway towards San Francisco.

Pacific Coast Highway to Malibu

If you like the outdoors rent a car and drive up Pacific Coast Highway towards Malibu. There are countless trails along the way. There is even a trail that will take you to what is left of the old MASH TV set.

Los Angeles Hiking

Buy a hiking book in Los Angeles or search for "Los Angeles Hiking" online. Most of the trails are hikable in just tennis shoes.


Once you have reached Malibu head off to the Getty Villa.

Getty Villa, Malibu

The J. Paul Getty Museum at the Getty Villa in Malibu is a museum and educational center dedicated to the study of the arts and cultures of ancient Greece, Rome, and Etruria. The Getty Villa serves a varied audience through exhibitions, conservation, scholarship, research, and public programs.

Greek, Roman, and Etruscan Antiquities

The Villa houses approximately 44,000 works of art from the Museum's extensive collection of Greek, Roman, and Etruscan antiquities, of which over 1,200 are on view. The Getty Museum is on the coast road and besides the ancient offerings there are some lovely views. The Getty Villa can be explored in a few hours.

Santa Barbara

Once you have had your fill of Malibu keep going to Santa Barbara. Alternatively, if you just want to get straight to Santa Barbara, or don't have the time, head over to Union Station in Downtown and take the Amtrak.

Overnight in Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara is great for an overnight stay. There are plenty of good places to eat as well as a few nearby wineries.

Back to LA?

You will certainly know Southern California if you managed to explore Southern California both North and South of LA so it's no crime to return to Los Angeles at this point.

But why not stay in California?

However, expect to hear alot more along the way so if you can leave yourself a few more days you'll see even more of Southern California. Trouble is, if you see even more you might find it hard to leave. So maybe its best to get back to LA before it's too late.

Take me south of Los Angeles to explore more of Southern California