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What to do in Los Angeles?

11 The Page Museum

The Page MuseumThe Page Museum is located close to its major supplier, the tar pits. The museum is home to an array of mammoths, saber-toothed cats and many other ice age beasties. Some were feathered, most were tarred and no doubt a few people have ended up the same way. One of the pit falls is, if you try hard enough, you can still fall into the bubbling tar pits – please don’t.

If you arrive at the right time you might see the museum’s staff collecting fossils. One of the pits is periodically open for excavation and a fossil laboratory is viewable through a glass window.

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12 (34) The Santa Monica Pier

Santa Monica Pier Los Angeles

Have some fun on the Santa Monica Pier. Apart from the great views and a ride on the coaster there are events and goings on to go on.

The beautiful Santa Monica Pier is all about entertainment, dining and shopping. Look to Pacific Park for a fast ride or a slow turn on the historic 1922 Carousel. If you would prefer to be close to nature visit Santa Monica Pier interactive aquarium. If none of that appeal just go for a walk along the planks of the Pier and enjoy lively street performers - from musicians to artists. If all that fails look to the heavens for some of the best sunsets California has to offer.

The Santa Monica Pier is open 365 days a year and it doesn't cost a cent as long as you don't 'do' anything other than walking and looking.

The Santa Monica Pier


13 (35) Zuma Beach

Zuma Beach California

You will find the beautiful long wide white sands of Zuma Beach in Malibu. If you travel to Zuma Beach from LA you get journey and the destination. The drive down the Pacific Coast Highway will allow you to see some gorgeous Southern California scenery before you even arrive at this stunning beach.

Zuma Beach has a starry past appearing in movies like "Planet of the Apes". It can usually be relied upon for excellent surf conditions and is a favored by the world’s best surfers. If you feel the urge to exercise you can head for the cliff at Point Dume. At the top you will be rewarded with beautiful and breathtaking view of the ocean. You could also try your hand at Volleyball as there are courts situated on the beach.

Zuma Beach


14 Sony Pictures Studios Tour

If you take the Sony Pictures Studios Tour you will be taken back to a legendary time in the movie business. Located on one of the world's most famous studio lots, the walking tour gives you a rare glimpse of old Hollywood's glory days and an insider's view of a state-of-the-art motion picture studio. Sony appears to work a little harder with their tour guides to make the tour a truly memorable experience. On any tour it helps if the guide is interested and wants you to enjoy the experience. No guarantee, everybody has a bad day but Sony tries hard to ensure they aren’t frequent.

Sony Pictures allows you take pictures with props and costumes to help capture a few memories as well as providing some free memorabilia when the tour is done.

The Go Los Angeles Card includes Sony Pictures Studios Tour

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15 Rodeo Drive

You will find Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills on the west side of the Los Angeles metropolitan area. It has no cowboys or cowgirls to speak of, not even a cow unless you are very unlucky. This is shopping, watching, people country – ye-ha! Allow an hour or two for people-watching and window-shopping, more if you plan to dine or buy something. You will soon realize that his world famous three block long stretch of Los Angeles' shops and boutiques is a little pricey. In fact, Rodeo Drive is widely considered to be one of the most expensive shopping districts in the world.

Rodeo Drive is popular all year long but less so on weekdays. Best time to visit is in the evening during the build up to Christmas. Lights and flowers decorate the streets and the stores put on roh-DAY-oh show to remember. The Drive pretty much closes on Sundays. If you are around on Father's Day you might enjoy the free vintage car show.

Rodeo Drive


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