Does anyone walk in Los Angeles?

Walking in LA - Nobody walks in LA!

Do you need a car whilst in Los Angeles?

Does anyone walk in Los Angeles?

Does anyone walk in Los Angeles? "Nobody walks in LA!" is a widely held belief, songs have been written on the subject and we even came across a blog

Everybody Blogs in LA

But then again everybody blogs in LA. Maybe it is just an urban myth. Maybe Los Angeles is just too spread out. LA is made up of clusters of commercial and residential districts in between many of Los Angeles' top sights.

Everybody Drives in LA

Certainly judging by the traffic most Angelenos seem to be appear to be deeply and emotionally attached to their cars.

Almost Everybody Drives in LA

To be fair, Los Angeles does sprawls in all directions which almost ensures you must have a car. Almost.The bus isn't an option to many Los Angelenos, but may be good for short runs.

LA Traffic

LA is not NYC, Boston, or Chicago but it's not the LA of old either. After a few hours in LA traffic you might be begging to walk.

Walk the walk in Beverly Hills and Hollywood

Beverly Hills is definitely a place to walk once you're there, so is Hollywood, and the new Kodak Theater at Hollywood and Highland has shops and food, etc.

Ride the Metro to Downtown

So yes, times have moved on and many do walk the streets in Los Angeles. The Metro gets you into most districts worth visiting including Downtown. If you like to club you can cab it back to your digs or stay out all night until the Metro re-opens.

Car vs Metro

The Metro spares you from the traffic, fumes and paying for parking. People are turning away from their cars at least for some journeys.

Get a plan, then ride and drive

So the best advice we can give is to plan your trip first. Do your must see sights by Metro where you can. Then do the rest by car.

Los Angeles Metro and Public Transport