Top 100 Things to do in Los Angeles

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What to do in Los Angeles?

91 (42) Rose Bowl

The Rose Bowl Stadium has also has also hosted NFL Super Bowl Games and Olympic Soccer Matches. Basically, the Rose Bowl is world famous.

Rose Bowl


92 (68) The Comedy Store

The Comedy Store for funny names past, present and future. Go for a laugh.

Comedy Store


93 (98) Taschen Bookstore

Taschen is a cultural experience of its own. Taschen makes the books call to you like lost children.

Taschen Bookstore


94 (97) Ice Hockey

A must if you have never seen a game.

Ice Hockey


95 (56) LA Football or Soccer

If you are a football fan why not check out LA Galaxy and see what you think of the game. If you don't follow football check it out - you are on holiday, try something new.

LA Football or Soccer


96 (57) BasketBall

If you like BasketBall this is a no brainier. If not, try something new whilst you are on holiday.



97 (58) BaseBall

The Los Angeles Dodgers Championship Tour will get you so down onto the field of play without the play of course.



98 (35) American Girl Place has lost it's Place!

I can't believe our listings go ahead and change their names and don't tell us! How rude is that - go stand in the naughty Place! Go girl, go!

American Girl


99 (100) Camera Obscura

Camera Obscura


100 Fly to Sydney, Australia

We had to list this at 100 as it is another 100, so that makes it 200 things to do in LA except 100 are in Sydney - I think that's right?


101 (93) Anyone for Tennis

Tennis in LA


102 (94) Plane Spotting at Imperial Hill

As a top thing to do in LA this one is just taking off! Ok, and coming down. Imperial Hill is the place to go to see the action.

Plane Spotting at Imperial Hill


103 (95) Hang Gliding

Hang Gliding


104 (99) Bulgari Jewelry Store

Even Bulgari's web site looks expensive so don't buy anything! - just find the store locator (there were four of them around the last time we looked) and oggle.

Bulgari Jewelry Store


105 (92) Best Burger in LA

Best Burger in LA