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31 St Sophia Cathedral

St Sophia CathedralThis 850 seater Church in the Miracle Mile district is deliberately opulent in order to 'uplift you and make you feel closer to God'. Let us know if it works.

The Cathedral's exterior has been designed in the Byzantine tradition. The only decorative artwork is a massive scroll design, of a leaf and grape theme. A large rose patterned window of multi-colored glass adorns the upper portion of the relief areas. The main entrance relief area also contains two peacocks drinking from a fountain, representing an ancient symbol of eternal life. The solid oak hand-carved doors of the main, north and south entrances are carved in a Byzantine style thirteenth century pattern. The doors have been bronzed to preserve their good looks.

The real treat is what lies inside of its walls. Among the highlights are a total of 17 Czechoslovakian crystal chandeliers, three of which are a massive 2,000 pounds each. The main arch is 33 feet wide and 40 feet above the Nave floor. It is highly ornamented with staff work and gilded with 24-carat gold leaf. A large painting depicting the "Tree of Jesse," or the genealogy of Christ, is painted on the portion of the ceiling from the center dome towards the rear of the Nave. At the base of the tree are Adam and Eve with an angel holding a fiery sword, guarding the entrance into the Garden of Eden.

On the north and south walls of the Nave are twelve stained glass windows depicting the twelve Apostles of ChriSaint Each window is 4 feet wide and 18 feet in height. The areas between the windows are highly decorated with 24-carat gold leaf in scroll design, forming medallions that contain icons of the faith.

As you exit the cathedral through the Nave's main doors, located on the Nave's west wall, there are three beautifully painted murals to admire. Above the center mural is a biblical inscription asking a poignant question to worshipers as they exit the cathedral: "For what shall it profit a man if he shall gain the whole world and lose his own soul?"

St Sophia Cathedral


32 Virgina Robinson Gardens

The spectacular Virgina Robinson Gardens in Beverly Hills is only matched by the opulent mansion contained within. The Virginia Robinson Gardens consists of five distinctive gardens covering an area in excess of six acres. You can enjoy the sights, smells and sounds along the garden's brick paths. Look out for the fountains and ponds as well as the large magnolia trees with a variety of camellias, gardenias, clivias and azaleas growing beneath.

Virgina Robinson Gardens


33 Third Street Promenade - Downtown, Santa Monica

The pedestrian caring Third Street Promenade is close to the beach, Santa Monica Pier and Palisades. Situated on the bluffs overlooking Santa Monica Bay lies the pedestrian-friendly Third Street Promenade. 30 city blocks of retail stores, entertainment and dining. This popular shopping destination attracts both locals and visitors alike. Third Streets most popular stores include Abercrombie & Fitch, American Eagle, Anthropologie, Bebe, L'Occitane, RipCurl, Clarks Shoes, Crocs Shoes, Sephora Cosmetics, Borders Books and many more. Hundreds of street performers and artists are licensed to entertain you. Clowns, dancers, guitarists, jugglers, pianists, saxophonists, singer-songwriters, tango dancers and even a tiny Elvis await you. Bring change.

Third Street (Santa Monica)


34 (12) The Magic Castle

the magic castle los angeles

The Magic Castle dates back to 1908 – they know their magic. When the Magicians are not disappearing into thin air they are very approachable and you may be fortunate enough to experience an impromptu show. Entertaining, funny and intriguing – just how did they do that? Pure magic.

The Magic Castle is of course, magic. Tour of the Castle, have dinner. Get dressed up and see a show. Information about forthcoming shows is available online. Follow the link below for more details about how you can experience this magical place.

More Magic Castle


35 UCLA Hammer Museum

UCLA Hammer Museum’s exhibitions present contemporary and historical work in all media of the visual arts. Through its exhibitions, the Hammer Museum seeks to promote cultural understanding, to introducing the work of underrepresented artists, and to interpreting art of the past and present. The past maligned UCLA Hammer Museum is well worth visiting for its impressive impressionists and there after its postimpressionist works. The museum contains the state of the art Billy Wilder Theatre. For more visit the website.

UCLA Hammer Museum

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